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Distance: 490.1 km
Steps: 43,500

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Kevin Immerman

I'm in for 30 workouts in 30 days

Donation received
13 Week(s) Ago
from an anonymous supporter

Donation received
15 Week(s) Ago
from Rajeev Singh

thanks for getting in on the act guys!

Ari Nadin: I worked out 00:05:00
11 Week(s) Ago

33 each of burpees, push-ups and squats. Oh, and then I went to Mambo Jambo and DANCED!

Rajeev Singh: I cycled 24.6 km00:45:00
11 Week(s) Ago


Rajeev Singh: I worked out 00:45:00
11 Week(s) Ago

10 rounds starting every minute:
5 chin ups / 5 close DB bench press.

3x10 off cable lat pull downs / KB press ups / KB renegade rows / KB renegade press.

finisher for time (13:46):
80 push ups / 80 air squats / 80 burpees.

Ari Nadin: I walked 4 km00:40:004000 steps
11 Week(s) Ago

Walked home from SGT

Rajeev Singh: I worked out 00:30:00
11 Week(s) Ago

5 rounds off 30s on/30s off:
single arm KB swing / KB goblet squat / speed burpees.

4min AMRAP TGU to 4 x press.

Rajeev Singh: I worked out 00:45:00
12 Week(s) Ago

4x8 superset every 4mins:
RDLs / front squats.

3x10 accessory:
good mornings / OH squats.

Kevin Immerman: I walked 00:30:00
12 Week(s) Ago

Having picked up a bug on Sat arvo, that wiped me out like a freight train for 48 hours, I was able to pull myself out of bed and went for a 30 min walk

Kevin Immerman: Deep stretch 00:20:00
12 Week(s) Ago

Needed a focussed stretch to help relieve pressure in my chest and muscles having been horizontal in bed for 48 hours

Rajeev Singh: I worked out 00:30:00
12 Week(s) Ago


Rajeev Singh: I worked out 00:45:00
12 Week(s) Ago


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