Our Funding Strategy

More needs to be done to tackle the specific issues that affect men's health. As the leading global organisation committed to changing the face of men's health, we are uniquely positioned to take action.


The five principles that shape our funding strategy

  1. Foster and facilitate national and global collaboration
  2. Understand, promote and advocate for men's health
  3. Build evidence about what works and kick-start sustainable approaches
  4. Mobilise men to be more informed, active and connected
  5. Invest in biomedical and clinical research in prostate and testicular cancer


Download a full outline of our investment strategy (PDF)


Our funding strategy in three focus areas

By prioritising the funding of three of the biggest health issues faced by men we ensure that our investments have a significant long-term, global impact.


Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men in Australia. Globally, more than 1.4 million men were diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2020

Our prostate cancer funding strategy


Testicular Cancer

Globally, testicular cancer is the most common cancer among young men.

Our testicular cancer funding strategy


Mental Health and Suicide Prevention

Globally, a man dies every minute from suicide.

Our mental health and suicide prevention funding strategy


Innovating on a global scale

We cannot achieve our goals without building a movement with partners at all levels of government, research and civil society. This has to happen globally, with results shared across borders to extend our reach. We're creating innovative solutions, using new ideas and new technology to solve long-standing problems.


Our Global Action Plan

Our Global Action Plan (GAP) connects clinicians and researchers from around the world to accelerate health outcomes for men living with prostate and testicular cancer.

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Bringing together key experts across the world, TrueNTH is a revolutionary new care intervention program that will help men living with prostate cancer to access care and support that enhances their quality of life.

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Prostate Cancer Outcomes Initiatives

These initiatives improve health outcomes for men throughout their prostate cancer journey by focusing on variation in care and engaging clinicians and researchers across 14 countries worldwide.

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Ensuring funding goes where it's needed most

In addition to global initiatives, we fund a diverse range of country-specific and local programs, always ensuring that knowledge gained is shared onwards.

We report on all the initiatives we fund to hold ourselves accountable and to ensure that we're always assessing the success of those initiatives, learning, and improving.

It is Movember Foundation policy that funding awards do not allow or support institutional overhead so we can maximise the level of funding applied to research, health services interventions and their evaluation.

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Translating knowledge into action

We utilise research findings to accelerate new ideas into practice, share information and encourage other organisations to do the same.

This process of knowledge translation aims to get the right information to the right people, at the right time, and in the most effective way. This ensures that the best available evidence informs policies, programs and practice, and improves health outcomes for men around the world.

Download our full Knowledge Translation Strategy (PDF)